Marketing Services

Our marketing services include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate meeting with developer, city/state agencies and management involved to discuss and agree on specifics of the development (i.e. regulatory agreements, procedures, expected occupancy, etc.)

  • Development of a Marketing Plan, based on above mentioned meeting, extensive research and for the purpose of ensuring optimum feedback and achieving expected goals.

  • Advertising of the development using Site Signage, Classified Ads in citywide, local and ethnic newspapers, providing notices and flyers to community businesses, and contacting governmental, non-profit and civic organizations in the community.

  • Printing and mailing of requested applications.  Database compilation of all requests to keep track of mailings.

  • Performing lottery for the random selection of received applications, assigning numbers to applications and recording selections on master log.

  • Screening of applicants using order assigned at lottery to determine qualified and non-qualified applicants.  Those eligible based on information on application will be scheduled for an interview to confirm eligibility.  Non-qualified applicants will be informed of their ineligibility.

  • Processing of each pre-approved applicant accordingly, collecting required LIHTC documentation and forms.  Submitting said documentation to the required city/state agencies for final approval.

  • Upon approval by city/state agency, scheduling of apartment viewings.   We may schedule lease-signings and move-in upon owner’s request.

  • Submission of required LIHTC documentation and reports to owners.

  • Auditing for 3rd parties to ensure compliance on initial marketing files.